The Monsters are Nagging

“When are you going to put us in a game?” Monsters are so persistent.

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New Trailer for iPad Game, Blaster

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Blaster: Through The Asteroid Field

Our newest game is released for the iPad, and version 2.0 is already in the queue for approval. A full description is here, and on the iTunes App Store.  Version 2.0 adds:

  • Game Center support
  • New Enemies
  • Amazing new Artificial Intelligence
  • Improved graphics and speed

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Coming Soon… A Great New Game for iPad

Our newest game for iPad is waiting for App Store approval. We hope you’ll approve too. Here is a sneak peek at some game art. Gameplay shots will follow when the app is officially released!

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Floracle LITE Released

Floracle LITE is now in the App Store, and already has hundreds of downloads. If you’ve ever wanted to try Floracle, now is the time! Floracle LITE is full-featured, but limited to 20 flower oracles and artwork. The full version has 55 oracles and artwork, with more planned in a future update. Thanks to all the loyal fans, and welcome to the new LITE users!

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Floracle in the press:

Sheevaun Moran (Energetic Solutions) calls Floracle a fun app (June 2010 Newsletter).

Thanks to all!

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Our new game, Pluckies, is now in the iTunes store. It is a free download.

You can read more about the game on our Pluckies Page, or you can view it in the app store.

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Floracle Hits App Store

Floracle is now available in the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. Link to Floracle in the iTunes App Store.

We would like to thank our wonderful beta testers for their time and excellent feedback. Floracle is now poised to rise to its rightful place a the top of the App Store. Watch out, you other soothsayers, Delphinia is on her way!

More information on the game can be found in the previous announcement: Announcing Floracle. Also, coming soon we will announce the next game. Teaser: it’s free, but it is not Floracle “lite.”

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Announcing Floracle

UPDATE: Floracle is now available in the App Store.

EAT is happy to announce our first iPhone entertainment product.

Delphinia, the Oracle of Flowers, offers her daily wisdom in the form of a Floracle. There are 55 different flowers, from Amaryllis through Zinnia. Each flower has a meaning in regards to Love, Friendship, and Success.

Combining the ancient arts of Floriography and Soothesaying, Floracle is a fun and enlightening part of your daily routine. Browse Delphinia’s library, or let her select the flower that will add focus to your day. You can get a new flower every 12 hours, or you can offer Delphinia gold, silver or incense to get a new flower sooner.

Coming soon to an iPhone near you. Price: .99 USD

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