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Delphinia, the Oracle of Flowers, offers her daily wisdom in the form of a Floracle. There are 55 different flowers, from Amaryllis through Zinnia. Each flower has a meaning in regards to Love, Friendship, and Success.

Combining the ancient arts of Floriography and Soothesaying, Floracle is a fun and enlightening part of your daily routine. Browse Delphinia’s library, or let her select the flower that will add focus to your day. You can get a new flower every 12 hours, or you can offer Delphinia gold, silver or incense to get a new flower sooner.

* Daily oracles for focus and balance.
* Browse 55 oracles in Delphinia’s Library, each with 3 focal messages centered around love, friends, and success.
* Gorgeously rendered original artwork and smooth, clean animations
* Quality tested for smooth, no-frustration experience on iPhone and iPod 3.x devices. Tested and works with iPad pixel doubling.

Added in version 1.02 (pending App Store release):

* Added some great sound effects! By popular demand!
* More “raining daisies” on main menu screen, with even better animations… leave them open on your desk for a relaxing day!
* Now “shaking” is easier, and you can also touch a button to get your oracle!
* As always, thoroughly QA tested for a perfect experience.

Thanks to all our users for enjoying Delphinia’s wisdom! Here’s what’s coming in version 1.03:

* (Coming soon) Email your oracle to a friend!

Also upcoming is full support and higher resolution for iPad and iOS 4.0!